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Progress Counter!


    Front of book cover Complete

Claudia: 22% Completed

    May 21: 1,038 words

Gladiator: 34.9% Completed

    May 14: 2,806 words

Reluctant Ranger: 70% Edited

     June 5: 2 Chapters  Edited

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My name is Rose Marie Kelley, and I am an (aspiring!) Christian Fiction Author. Here you will find information about me, my writing and publishing journey, and the Lord Jesus Christ! Occasionally, I am going to post a blog containing a Bible verse and my thoughts about it. To receive these devotional's in email form, sign up for my newsletter, and they will be sent directly to your inbox. Additionally, you will receive information about upcoming books and events.



Currently, I am working on Claudia, the second book in the English Roses Series. The first book, Victoria, is just back from the editor! I plan to look over the changes soon! I am also starting a new series, which I am calling the Gladiator Series for now. I have to admit, however, that this title is a misnomer, for he’s only a gladiator in the very beginning! It is set back in Ancient Rome during the time when persecution of Christians was at it’s height. Not sure of the exact year, yet. I have finished the rough draft of The Reluctant Ranger, the first book in the Texas Rangers Series, and will be spending the next few weeks tweaking it and wrapping up a few pesky research items. I will then send it off to be edited. More information about this series soon.


As you can see, I have a lot on my plate! I am going to be posting daily progress reports on the Progress Counter in the sidebar to the left, letting you know how much of each project is completed. My goal is to have the two rough drafts completed, The Reluctant Ranger sent to be edited, and Victoria back, finished and ready for publishing by the end of June. We’ll see if I make it!

Unfortunately my first novel, Streams of Forgiveness, is on the back burner for now. I sumbitted it to several publishing houses myself as an unsolicited manuscript for I have not tried to find an agent yet. Even though it was rejected, I am quite excited by the response it received. Several editors wrote me back, encouraging me in my writing. I received positive feedback on what I had done right (yeah!) and a few weak spots that I could work on. A couple of editors even expressed an interest to see more of my work when it is completed. I am very encouraged, for when I was researching unsolicited manuscript submissions, I found out only about 1% of the submissions were actually answered. And Streams of Forgiveness was answered several times by different publishing houses!

And I can honestly say that my writing has improved since Streams of Forgiveness. However, I am not giving up on this series. It is very dear to my heart but is not the priority right now. In a few years, after I am published (speaking in faith!), I will come back to it, do a major overhaul on the manuscript and try again!

Update on the blogs: At the moment my computer tech is updating my blogging software. The only thing available is a few devotionals I wrote last year. He will be finished soon, I hope, and I will begin blogging in earnest. Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for stopping by! Browse around and see if there’s anything you like. If there is, let me know; I love to hear from you!. 


In Jesus,


Rose Marie Pink Rosebud